Choo Choo not quite derailed. Sticky butt detected


It wasn't raining. Wasn't freezing either. thought I'd go for
a ride. Blow off my responsibilities. maybe get my Busa dusty
enough to Zaino. I didn't want to go fast, so I didn't. I did
decide to try some new twisty roads, so I did. After railing
(a choo choo reference) through a number of new twisty type
turns I come upon a left sweeper off camber. I bank 'er on in
at a moderate speed. I start running wide...I lean harder.
Bike still heads to edge. She wiggles as I cross the line.
I stand her up as I hit the dirt. I roll along edge as she loses speed.
At a low spot in the edge I ride back up on the road.
Using great leg strength I pry my butt off the seat.

Through great skill & a little luck I managed not to scratch my
Beautiful Bike. Wheeeeew !

Ya know Choo Choo I sure am glad you didn't go down.
Look at what these poor people would have to read!
Maybe I'll have you write my tales for me instead!

:D   ;) :D

Mcfly...McFly... :laugh:

I think someone missed something... :)

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