Chicago Motorcycle Show


Anybody going to the show in chicago this year? my wife and I are going to go with a couple friends of ours. Just thought if anyone was going to go, we could all get together for lunch or something.
I will be there on Sunday. "Johnnycrash" will also be going. We should have a small group with us.
i might go.theres one in cleveland this month also.i'm in cincinnati so driving to chicago or cleveand is just about the same distance so i'm leaning more towards chicago.
I was thinking that it would be a lot of fun to get fellow .oRg members together to hang out, etc at the bike show. maybe we could all go to dinner or something afterwards.
Likewise, I live about an hr and a half away from Chicago (depending on traffic) and would be glad to help anyone out who needed a place to stay.

Seriously though, I'd like to take the reigns here and organize this...if anyone is seriously interested, mail me at and I'll work on setting something up. I'm sure the guys who have organized the meet and greets with the .oRg can help me out on this (hint hint guys) and I'll be glad to do it.
i'm not sure if i will make it this year, but if i do it will be saturday...
I'll be there on Sunday for sure. Let me know your plans. Lunch sounds good, or whatever.
Ill be there with biggie and 3 or 4 other riders. Dont think we nailed down what day yet, but let me know if sunday is a lock for you guys and we'll see if we can swing it.