Checkout the busa


Here are some pictures and a list of modification to my old 2002 Silver/Grey Hayabusa.

Paint - Black Pearl Metallic
Polished Frame & Swing Arm (60+ hours of sanding/polishing)
Chromed - Bar-ends and Rear Foot-pegs
Tapeworks - Decal Kit 3166
Pyramid Plastic - Undertray
Flash Alert Integrator Kit - Brake/tail lights work as turn signals
Schnitz Racing - Lowering Links, Triple Tree, Kickstand, Fan Blade, Block-off plates
Rear lowered 2 inches Front lowered ¾ inch
Vortex Racing - Rear Sets
HMF Exhaust - Low Exit 4-2-1 Big Bird with Thermo Tec Header Wrap
Corbin - Seats
RC Components - Triton Wheels (41 tooth sprocket)
Tires Unlimited - Bridgestone BT010 120/70ZR17 - 200/50ZR17
Power Commander IIIr
Small Airbox mod.

So what do you think???
Looks good! But I would have stayed with the silver! Nice job on the frame and arm.


Frame Polishing...

Easyoff oven cleaner... (Lemon Scented)

400, 600, 1000, and 1200 grit sand paper
Brown Rouge/White Rouge and Mothers Polish...

Swingarm tape prep...
I saw that bike (or at least one that looked identical to it) at the Blue Goose a few weeks ago. Looked nice up close.
Are those rims polished or chromed?

If polished...did you use the same method as the other guys have talked about with the Airplane thinner and then some elbow grease with a rag and polish?
Rogue, I ordered the wheels from Schnitz Racing, RC Components (Triton).

I ordered the polished wheels, but they look chromed.  My brother has a set of RC Components wheels on his VMax that are polished and they have a very dull finish.  There is a $250 charge from RC to have the wheels chromed.
The bike looks great, and the hours of work show. Now you got me thinking about getting that integrator kit. I saw one on a bike last week and it really did look cool.. I prefer the chrome wheels though--alot less maintence in the long run..

The paint ??? yeah it ought to be a factory selection



Sweet very sweet. Who needs an LE!

Oh and hows the handling with the lowering and 200 rear tire?


Rode down to the ROT (Repuplic of Texas) Rally in Austin TX. this weekend, had a great time.  Took the Busa out into the hill country a few times, it handles OK but not as well as the stock setup.  With the 200 on the back you really have to push it into the turns.  With the bike lowered you feel every bump in the road and when the bike is leaned over if feels a little unsettling.

The bike handles fine, just not as well as the stock setup.  I lowered the bike for drag racing and for the appearance.  I like the way the bike feels lowered and would not change back, just can't push as hard into the corners.

It all depends on what you want from the bike.  If you want to push hard into the corners go with a 180 rear tire and raise the bike.  The 200 rear tire is mainly for appearance.
Since we're bringing back all the old posts, I desided to look at some pictures of my Busa.