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Hey all.. My names Rob and I just joined the site.

I've been reading all I can about the Busa because I intend to get one in the next year or two.

Right now I own a gsx650f and while it's a great bike, my dream (since 2000) is to own a hayabusa. I love the styling, and aftermarket support, and the ability to twist the trottle and enter rocket mode every once in a while :)

My fiance is on her permit right now,a nd we are getting her a ninja 250 to learn on. Then after she's ready she will take my 650, and I will be getting a busa of my own. I'm 32 years old, not into the crazy driving and risk taking. Sure I'll pop up the front wheel once in a while, or open her up on the parkway if the road is clear.. but mostly I just like to cruise and costonize the bike to my personality and style.

A little about me.. I rode back in 94' for a season, and while on my permit my friend who was my riding partner took off on my on the parkway and lost control and was killed after flying into a tree about 300 yards ahead of me.

At that point I decided I didn't want to ride anymore. In May 08' I sacked up, and got a bike of my own. My dad has ridden his entire adult life, and I was a passanger on his bike until I hit my teen years and felt gay being on the back.. haha in fact he met my mother on his bike by giving her a ride so in ways I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for bikes.

Anyway.. I spent the entire summer on the bike last year, and rode through the winter when weather allowed. I feel confident in the skills I have obtained (have over 7k on the bike right now) and I'm feeling the bug to move up.

I am into modding, and the busa's support in the after market is exactly what I am looking for. While I could get a gixxer, I am really not as into them. The busa seems to be a slightly better tourer then a gixxer anyway.

I've done a decent amount of work on my 650f but finding parts is a nightmare, and 1off stuff is not my thing at the moment (that will probably change)

Anyway.. I wanted to intro myself.. and I can't wait to learn all the ins and outs of this bike before I make my purchase.

I'm sure I will get replies saying this is too big of a jump or whatever, and I welcome hearing everyones thoughts on this.


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Welcome to the oRg, glad you found us. Very sorry about your friend. Kudos to your girl and good luck. Cant wait to see the pics of your current ride. :beerchug:

Edit: Sweet ride bro.



I like the 650F. Reminds me of the Katana I had a few years back, although not as beautiful as yours.

Don't think your going to hear someone tell you that it is too big of a jump up from your 650 to a 'Busa. What you will find on here is a TON of support, LOTS of harrasment (the good kind) and too many awesome people to list!

I actually bought my '02 from another .oRg member earlier this year. I have had a wonderful time on it ever since!

Congrats on finding us, hope you find everything that you are looking for. If not, post up and ask!



:welcome: to the .oRg!

The Busa is a great bike, it's a bit heavier but a lot more power than what the 650F brings to the table. I hope that the plans of owning one come together soon for you!

It's odd that you mentioned popping up the front wheel once in a while, or opening her up on the pkwy if the road is clear, but then you bring up your friend's incident on the pkwy? ??? I'm not doubting you riding skills here brother and I'm not saying you're not ready, but the Busa is not toy for playing raindeer games on if you don't have the skills to control her. She will chew you up and spit you out just as quickly as you can twist that throttle.

Anyone else notice that there are three bikes in the picture but not a single helmet nor riding gear? ???

Learn the bike or the bike will teach you and be careful my friend, be very careful!

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