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I was looking at this strange bike with "training wheels" on it and wondering "what the..." A few minutes later a guy in a wheelchair rolls up next to it, pulls himself onto it, positions his feet on the floorboards, rolls back, points the bike downhill, starts it and takes off. Hits a switch and the struts lift up and off he goes. I talked to a guy watching and he said this guy races!, and he's fast! He has two people hold the bike up at the start (in the back of the pack) and he usually finishes 2nd or 3rd. And you thought you were a dedicated rider!

Man that's a great story goes to show that anything can be done if you have the desire...
That's awesome, I love to see people go on with their lives no matter what happens.
Thanks for posting this,
there could be more than one person here, but I think I saw this guy race at Road Atlanta on a 250 2-stroke. They had to hold the bike up at the start for him, but after that it was all him. I just hope that I have that kind of attitude should anything like that ever happen to me. You have to admire him.
I think he may be the same guy they did a story about in Sport Rider magazine about 3 years ago. If he is the same guy.
Ditto Rybraun.
I read that article. I think he injured himself in a bike accident. I remember he was using a CBR900 with the retractable catamaran arms.
It's geezers like that, that make the world a better place.
Hope you don't mind, but I thought it a worthy story to share with my English colleuges.
Interesting twist, after getting injured in that crash they had a charity auction to help him out, and some jerk ran off with the cash leaving him out to hang.
I think it is the same guy you guys are talking about, his friend was telling me he was sponsored by Sport Rider, and he raced 250 class.
That is soooo cool

People who never give up a passion cause of a disability are awesome people!