Check this Go Cart Out


Have any of you guys seen this video yet? This thing is insane. I'd love to take it for a run around the track :D

When the website opens, click on the "Videos" icon on the right hand side. Then click on the Gixxercart Video icon at the top. Next, scroll down and open up the Gixxercart video. Enjoy!!

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Hell yeah! The gixxerkart is one of the sickest toys I've ever seen. I'd LOVE to have one of those!!!!!!!! I'd seen the video before but it is always a good one to see again, and again, and again! :D
I can't view the video by streaming, or by copy/paste the link into WMP-9. :mad: This has been an on-going problem. I can play it if I download it to the hard-drive, but I'm leary about unknown sources.

Looks like a kick a$$ ride though.
:super: :eek:

I couldn't stand not knowing. Thanks to my cable modem it only took 1min14sec to dl.

That is one helluva cart. I would definitely add a roll cage and dress in full leathers if it were mine.

One more word...AUTOBAHN !!! :D
wow that took 1 hour to download and it didnt even finsh (only took 75%)

it was well worth it:O

that dude is flying i wonder what top speed on the straight is ?

aint no cop catchin his arss :D
That kart was bad!  Sign me up for one of those.  Might want mine a little bigger, but just 1 time around the track would be the balls.

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i was thinking of taking it to the next level. Put the enfine on a radio flyer coaster wagon. :D :D