Check this Czech Busa



Uh, Sure does does look like NICKSLICK's Ride...

Where did you get the photo?
am i allowed to post a link to a different site?
it said they made this stuff in the czech rep.

do not know if nick has one or if this is his bike.
You can post links to darn near everything you want.
Please post a link, I mean the Carbon Parts are available commercially, You just don't see them all that often.
Cool Man Thanks, THough if it came from the first one just might be Nickslicks ride... :)

Do you have more pics coming?:super:
The 1st pic looks like Nick's bike, and the 2nd pic looks like Big Gar's bike.
that is my bike. here are the rest of the pics...

the body work is made by sebimoto and is czech.

its also a bigbore with brembos, ohlins, and nos.
So, Finally pics of NICKSLICKS ride...Glad I had this one figured, and now I understand what us2B is on about.

Didn't think there were a lot of Dodge minivans in the Czech Republic. Though I was thinking Sebimoto was Japanese.

Sweet looking ride Nick, Just awesome...

Thinking about changing to some of the Formula Extreme looking Carbon Bits? You know the pointy fenders and fairing?
Nick, that is a very very very nice lookin bike, man!! :eek: :eek: