Check this crazy mess out

So on my morning commute I frequently run into this guy on a fancy touring bike, fancy riding suit (not leather) etc. I'm not really paying much attention to the guy, I don't blow past him even though he's in the fast lane poking along, I've never cut him off either. I've noticed that he seems to wave at me and a few times I've waved back not even thinking about it. Well today when I passed him I noticed... HE AIN'T WAVING! He's giving me the one finger salute! WTF is up with that???


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Oh, phone call time :laugh:

There's so much stupidity in the world today , so many losers that simply waste good O2. I just ignore it all.


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I'd continue to wave or give him the old left hand helmet salute,...if he's still got a problem then just don't pay any attention and pass him like normal... ;)


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id just follow close behind him...right behind him....and lay on the horn.....non stop.....for at least a mile or two....then blow past him
Like the others said: Just go on by and continue to wave, act like you don't even notice that he's not waving. He's the one with the problem, not you.

Add the idiot to the long list of jealous DB's and continue on as normal. Why waste time or effort? Daddy got places to go, things to do & people to see.
I thought about doing something but decided against it. I've had a few scary encounters with nut jobs on the freeway in the past, including one that followed me for 30 miles.

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