Check these beauties out

Big E

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Anyone from the board own this beauty??? The quad rotors are purty!

WOWSERS!!! Is this the Formula extreme busa this year?

Anyone know how I can obtain this kit but in fiber glass. Damn I dont even want to know what the price is for the carbon setup
that carbon one is sweet... but did'nt they for get to put the seat on it...
Would probably trade my left testicle for the rear hugger on that Carbon fiber bike. That thing is sweet. Probably very pricey. Wish I could find one in the grey from the '02 silver/grey. That would really set my bike out.

I took this pic at the races at California Speedway last weekend.

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grrr how come no one ever takes a pic of the front fairing?

Where can you get that front fairing, that thing looks like something out of Star Trek! I would buy those fairings and put them on every once in a while just for fun.

Anyone know where you can get that drop-nose falcon looking front fairing?

OK, That Hawkish Front is just...<span style='color:crimson'>SWEET!</span> it also looks like they have prettied up the rear, would be real cool to get hold of these parts. Though I imagine they cost more than most of us paid for our Busa's to begin with.
that carbon fiber is sweet looking. If its true carbon fiber then its gonna be really expensive to get something like that, even if it was mass produced. If it was fiberglass with carbon fiber laid over it (making it fake) then its much cheaper, i could make it myself that way.
The "GP" bike and the "ELF" bike are the same bikes. I guess the rider finally picked up a wealthy sponsor.
that is a ripoff i got my carbon body work for 1300 bucks straight from sebimoto. that is the same exact stuff i bought except for the front.mine is different.shh.keep searching you will find less expensive sebimoto on other sites.
I was there at California Speedway and saw those busa's dam that Elf bike looks impressive to say the very least. I was looking forward to seeing alot more Busa'a there than I saw. But the racing was cool. I talked to the guy at the Suzuki tent about the radbusa I asked what kind of speed they have obtained with the bike? He told me they have tested it above 250mph. That is movin!!