Check out this save

Wow...he made that look too easy. I'm going to go practice that right now!:laugh:
I do not see any performance here, I do this every-day with my Haya... :laugh:

If only I had such skills one month ago, I would had avoided my looong slide....
C'mon, guys! People have been doing stuff like that with horses for years! LOL:rofl:

(that's a joke, just in case anybody misunderstood that comment)
Nice, but I thought the Hacking save was pretty cool too.

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Mugello in the rain was pretty interesting yesterday. Two 125cc guys headed off the course leaning against each other. Both hit the gravel, rode through and came back on the track.....awesome save !!!! :super:
Yup, that one's going in the record books. The amount of concentration and level headedness that must take...
Dude! The ENTIRE front wheel comes off the ground! That takes the cake for best save I've ever seen. :bowdown:
i would have had to get new leathers after something like that. clean all the poo out of them and hang them on the wall as a trophy