Check out these quads!!!


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Saw this in another thread and decided to start my own about these quads.

These things look pretty cool.  I always wondered why someone doesn't make a quad runner street legal and sell them!  Yeah yeah, I see them in the music videos, but I mean real street legal quads!  Wouldn't that be sweet?  The cost on these is ridiculous though.  Seems you could convert a regular quad from the dealer for a whole lot less.

Link to the site




Easter Bunny (Big Pic)

More pics here!

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On second thought, I think I will stick to the bayou version. I am cool with my Busa. At least I can go 186 on two wheels and it has 4 wheels but only can go 115. You do da math.
Then there's these. Not nearly as sophisticated or as long as the real deals up there. This looks like a standard quad with a busa body on it.

Pretty cool for tooling around the neighborhood or what have ya. Somebody brought up the quads being legal for road safe before. The conclusion after much debate was that it would never be legalized for highway use.