Check out the rear tire on this cruiser.

This bike was parked down the street from my sub-division. I finally stopped to look at it today and I saw this. It's a nice bike and I like the color. Was gonna call the guy but I saw the rear tire and I thought:rofl:

I would like to know how it handles. A freaking car tire.:rofl::rofl::rofl:




Ive seen that alot on bigger cruiser bikes like gold wings. I was told that its better for long rides if your going cross country and riding hundreds of miles a day.
There's a few riders that swear buy it on the Feejer forums. They are getting over 40k out of a tire and don't have any handling complaints.
I've got a General Grabber 205/70/15 car tire on my cruiser, and absolutely love it! Superior traction, especially in the wet, superior mileage, and very economical price: $80 mounted, out the door. If you otherwise like that cruiser, don't let the car tire put you off.


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