Cheapest Insurance

We've got 3 bikes, married with kids, in our 40's, clean driving records, all the discounts possible (AMA, MSF, HOG, multi-bike, etc) and we always carry full coverage on all 3 bikes. We were with Progressive for a few years and everything was OK until I decided to get the 'busa... then all heck broke loose. Progressive wanted over 2500/yr per year just for the 'busa...

Went to Sentry/Dairyland for 1 year and then the rates went from approx 1500/yr to over 2200/yr for no reason, just a re-rate for the state of DE, so we're told.

Went shopping again - checked into State Farm, etc but the rates for DE were unbelievable but then we found Foremost. We still carry full coverage on all 3 but now we're paying $1013.00 per year - the 'busa alone is $546.00. These guys were great to deal with - check them out at
State Farm probably your best bet ... you'll get an even more attractive rate if you insure all of your vehicles, home & bike. Good luck brother
State Farm is the way to go. After getting quotes for $3100-$8500 a year, SF got me in at $720 a year. That's full coverage. I'm 23, male, no tickets in last 3 years. Now I did have to put my truck with them also, but their price was reasonable for it also. They told me the reason they're so much cheaper is because they take the value of the bike and insure that amount. They dont look as hard at the fact that the bike is "high performance". I dont know how many times I heard that when getting quotes.
State Farm
State Farm will not insure sport bikes over 1000 cc's in my area, (Central Louisiana),anymore. I was paying 52.00 a month full coverage with my 05 busa. Now I'm with Geico paying 126.00 a month on my 08 busa.
Some of you are getting some great rates. Others of you still seem to be paying a lot. If you didn't shop around, please do so.

I hate insurance companies in general. But it could be called true love compared to how much I hate Progressive. It's bad enough that their rates are exclusionary for Busa's but as a company, they are the worst I've encountered in terms of practices and customer service. Yes, I know some of you have had good experiences with them but I assure you, that's when everything went their way, ergo, they collected your money. Try making a switch to another company and getting your refund back mid-policy term. . . .

I've heard good things about Foremost. They couldn't compete for mine, though. Maybe 'cause I don't have kids.

I used to use State Farm and will likely go back to them shortly if their rates are good. The thing I don't like about them is that they put each policy under a different policy number and you have to deal with five or six different bills very time you have a billing cycle come up. Also, the issue policies every six months as opposed to annually. Last year, they gave a rebate for premiums which amounted to about a half-month's premium.

Right now, I'm with Farm Bureau and have full coverage on the Busa, the Gixxer 1000, the Camaro and the dually truck. All of them are traditionally rated pretty high. I also have the house on there structured in a way so as to not need the umbrella policy any more. Total annual cost is just a hair over $1,200 per year. Not bad, eh? The agent I have doesn't give the greatest service but the company is pretty good all righty!


Hey, quick question for people who bought their 'Busa on a Suzuki card....

What do they REQUIRE for insurance? Do they require full coverage? Liability only? I am in the process of trading in my (2) 2007 King Quad 700's for an new 07 black 'Busa.... And looked up Geico online for shtis and giggles. I'm getting quoted 300 a year for liab only, and 1670 a year for full coverage at the minimum amounts with 1k deduct.

I am a truck driver, 29, (2) 12-over speeding tickets, and will only ride probably 3 days a month, 6 months out of the year (live in South Dakota).

So anyways, what does/did the finance company require for insurance coverage?