Cheap New Grips in 10 Minutes!!


Don't know if anyone has tried this yet, but the stock grips and bars have always been too small for my hands. The small contact area creates a greater pressure point and the stock grips do not have much cushion for the longer rides. So I had the idea of using tennis racket tape to increase the diameter and provide some extra padding without giving up the "grip" of the stock grip. I bought Prince High Tack Replacement Grip from a sports store and the result is amazing. The new size feels great...the padding is firm but has some give...and there is no slipping with the high tack quality... $6.99 per side!! Clean the stock grips with alcohol and apply - the tape has a sticky backing so it won't move.


That's a great idea...I am going to try that! I have huge hands and experiencing aches in my shoulder and hands. I think this should help.
That's an interesting idea for sure. I guess the same would go for bicycle bar tape. You can get that stuff made with gel or cork, and in just about any color imaginable. :thumbsup: