I am considering buying a Chatterbox unit to use on two-up riding (will also use it to run my mini-disc player - cool!). Does anyone else use these things? Any words of wisdom or advice? Any problems?

I am concerned about the comfort of the speakers mounted in my helmet. Wonder if they might irritate the ears after a while. Wonder if I should mount them inside the padding (underneath the cloth which means I would have to cut - egadz! - and re-sew) or above the cloth in the small ear relief area. I will be mounting them in an Arai QuatumF and a Shoei XTec.
There are a few posts on this topic.  A quick search on 'chatterbox' reveals:

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Which unit are you buying? I use the GMRS-X1 great system for the money! There are better (albeit more expensive units) but not bad for less than $240.00 If you get J&M headphones you can have the factory install them custom to your lid........ Features cost money! Plenty of choices let me in on your plans of use.......
I am looking at the mid model (I think MX50 or something like that). As for use I will be using it mainly to talk back and forth with my fiance (two-up) on longer rides to pass the time and also will be playing my mini-disc player thru it. It seems like it would be so cool to be able to talk back and forth and listen to tunes.

Anyhow the setup would run me about $140 with a discount at the local shop (I buy alot there). That includes the main unit and two full-face speakers/mic units. I am just not real sure how to mount them or if I will like them.

Are there any alternatives to the standard headsets from Chatterbox? They look kind of big to be stuffing them into a helmet.
For another $70 you could get the GMRS-X1 with 1 set of speakers and a range of about 5miles. You can buy the second set for around $35-40 bucks plus a chord and you'd be set. With this set-up you can talk with FRS/GMRS radios. listen to music, talk on the phone, monitor a radar detector and have private conversations with the little women! Total cost would be about $100 more than the set-up your looking at now. In answer to your questions; yes, there are alot of other vendors who make speaker sets. You can have them custom installed at the factory. Or have a set of custom ear pieces made that block out all background sound. The sky is the limit..... Really depends on your budget. If you plan on keeping a motorcycle and doing alot of two up riding spend a little extra now. It'll save you in the long run...... If you like I can post some sites that carry communicators for bikes.
Thanks for the advice waterbug. I agree that I would rather get the "right stuff" the first time. That is why I am investigating. Definately point me in the right direction for research if you can. The unit I looked at seems like it has what I need but I am concerned mainly about the speakers. I am open to all the alternatives and options though. I am excited to get one soon but I want to do it right.
Ok, sorry took so long....... best prices I've found on Chatterbox stuff can be found here. Chatterbox

Other brands to consider..... Autocom ($$$$), J&M ($$$), Chatterbox ($$/$$$), Nady ($), Equinox ($$/$$$), Collett ($$), just to name a few. Remember Price doesn't always relate to product quality.........
Got to do some more digging but, I'll try and post you some more links. In the mean time do some searches with the company names I've provided. Should steer you in the right direction.