Chatter Box - need help


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I just got the Chatterbox GMRX1 (sp?) with the noise reducing headset. I had a heck of a time trying to get it in my helmet comfortably. My buddy got the same unit. They worked great at slow speeds, but as soon as we hit it, they were gone. We were very disappointed. Any suggestions? Also, I HATE having it mounted to my helmet, has anyone tried mounting on the bike or hooked to a belt or...???

I hope it will work better because so far I feel like it was a waste of a lot of $$$.

Doc you will have to play with the sensitivity. After a certain speed you will have to go push to talk. I have installed them on quite a few helmets so I don't have a problem doing it so not sure what you had a hard time with? I am sorry that your so disappointed with them. I guess in the canyons that I am running in we are usually under 100 mph. So not sure if your on the Turbo or not? I hope your expectations weren't to high. I still love mine but that doesn't help you now does it. If you still have it bring it to Laguna and I will play with it...better yet bring it with you next month and I will see what I can do.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Well I run a Collette Eng. unit that is similiar. I turn the VOX way down at high speeds. I also use an NOJ quiet rider. It tucks in to the base of the helmet and around your neck. There is a small slit for the mic in front. It's like being in a car.
I bet he thought we forgot about the hole leg thing, hehe, we didnt.

Marc, just how does that crazy dance go again???
Okay, I missed somethin reeeeeaaallly funny.....

Damit, I wont miss it this year I tells ya!

Discreet: you are full of little surprises... can't wait to meet you.
That really wasn't funny! I could have been seriously injured!! So now I will have to get even with LO for letting that one out
See if I can out do myself this year!

Thanks for reminding me guys!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I still dont fully understand the " clog dancing " thing but I will definitly look forward to that when I arrive & I will ARRIVE!
tyeah baybeeeee!
Yeah, I think we need some more time with them. It was strange, when we first turned them on we heard other people talking... and they heard us too! The ear speakers were not comfortable in the helmet either. I think it will take some tweaking to get them right.

About next month, it is not looking good. I will definitely be in Ocean Side for one night, but that will probably be it. I forgot that my folks are in town that week. Sorry.
Discreet: you are full of little surprises... can't wait to meet you.
Unfortunately I won't be on the west coast any time soon. I am so broke it isn't funny. I couldn't afford to buy the bike, but I figured I was already broke, at least I could have a little sanity. I am trying to talk my brother (02Busa) into taking a cross country trip in August. My company may go on strike then so I figured I could take a couple weeks off to travel.
No problem Bro if you just want to get together for dinner or something let me know. I will come over to Oceanside. Otherwise I will see you soon.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Doc, did you figure it out? The wife and I love ours (same system). Didn't have any problems all the way up to about 85mph. Then we had to switch to PTT and the lowest setting for VOX.
The mounting was not a huge problem. the earpohnes can be routed under tyhe pads if your helmet has removable pads. after 100 mph it can become noisy between the bike and the wind. You do have to play with the sensitivity,volume and channel. it is great to listen to music. I tried the belt method but i did not feel comfortable jostling with the device at high speeds. I do not know reaching to my helmet just seemed like a more natural motion.