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Recently I had a multiple problems with a new HMF exhaust purchased through Charles , and then with HMF when I found they were going to stick me after sending an incorrect part and a couple quality problems .

Charles is a great guy , does a guy right on the actual shipping charges and stands behind the sale .

He's owns a fast Busa as well  

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He is a good dude, no doubt. Except he is like the neighborhood crack dealer:

He has everything you really want, will cut you a good deal, and pretty much get it to you when you need it!!

And he will encourage you to buy more than what you originally called for.

Sad, there is a whole board full of addicts to by his products!!!

Charles, I'm gonna call ina few weeks when I get this credit card bill down some!!


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Im sorry to say but he is not a great Dude. He's an AWESOME DUDE! Did business with him. No hassle. Good communication. Fast service.


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did me right...sorry to hear about the hmf problems...took them 2 trys for me but i am happy
Hi... My name is David and I am an addict!

Charles hooked me up and I could NOT be more happy with my TiForce Sumo exhaust, PCIIIusb, PAIR Block-offs and BMC Filter. All arrived without any problem and I will be buying my BST Wheels and anything else through Charles. Its great to know that in this jacked up world of internet scammers there is someong you can trust.


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