Charity Ride // 20DEC08 // pix #3 (final)


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Well, here's the final installment of pix from the Charity Ride held just before Christmas...

The delay in getting the pix is a disappointment, but here they are and having and being able to share them made the wait worthwhile.


Thanks again to everyone whose words of acknowledgement and enthusiasm for this event made it a complete success!

Other .oRg members who participated were: Wharthog3, Lamb, JimmySD; special thanks to you three for helping 'herd the cats' along the route and supporting the cause...


The two ladies from FBC who were the primary points of contact for this event, shown with me in the 3rd and 4th pix are Kim (on the left) and Krystal (on the right). Two infinite rays of sunshine.

Scar Charity Ride 81.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 82.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 79.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 80.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 01.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 01a.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 01b.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 01c.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 01d.jpg

Scar Charity Ride 01e.jpg

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