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To make a long story short, the battery problems I was having, weren't due to the battery... so now I have two good batteries once I properly recharge both.

Everyone should check their regulator/stator connector. You need to remove the tail cowling and the block with fins on the left side. The connector itself is a bad design. Twist it around and you should notice that it is free to move quite a bit on the sides. The negative terminal on mine had been hot, which melted the connector enough to loosen it. I didn't think to check it when I tested the stator continuity, but after getting stranded again, I saw it and fixed it. So, basically, after testing the stator, it was connected long enough to show a charging condition with the new battery, and then later vibrated loose and I was running the system off of the battery.

I will be replacing the connector with a heavy-duty GM-style one. Hopefully my woes will save someone from getting stranded, so I strongly suggest everyone, especially high-milage riders like myself, to check and replace that connector. Dab a bit of di-electric grease when you're done, too.


Here for reference:

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I have what I believe to be a similar intermittent charging issue with my 01. I'll ride the bike for days no issues then one time I'll stop and wham it's dead when I go to restart. Which is funny since at times It will sit 3-4 days and start up fine. I'll be checking the plug as you suggested as in all honesty I didn't look at it all that closely first go round because it seemed tight.

When your rectifier plug had issues did you at the same time have a current leak as a result? When I checked for a current leak and found a 12.8 volt leak. This seems huge to me and leads my line of thought towards a direct short somewhere else. Upon disconnecting the plug off of the starter relay the leak goes away.

Currently running down where all the wires off of that plug go, but will look at the rectifier plug as well. Unfortunately as those are the only other power wires from the battery they pretty much power everything else ha ha Hopefully it will be a component as oppossed to a raw wire somewhere. Shouldn't be everything is in sheething still. Ok well you input on if you had a leak would be appreciated.
I am dealing with this problem myself now what is this multi circuit tester??? I have a Volt meter.

Edit: Your advice to check the connector has paid off, problem is the connectors.
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thats why before buying a new battery should (if able to start the bike) should checking the voltage while it running.. but good post for others hope others actually use the search button and read this when they have issues but i doubt it:thumbsup: