Charging issues


1st gen hayabusa 2004 not charging
Measured continuity between 3 yellow wires all reading 0.4 ohms
Measured AC voltage from stator when reving 60+ volts
One of the wires doesnt have voltage at all when revving the engine...
Do all three wires are suposed to have voltage or only 2 of them?

The yellow wire with 3 black dots is the one that isnt charging
But does measure .4 ohms


If it ain’t charging at the same AC volts as the other two phases, it is faulty.
Also, test it for continuity to ground, do you have a manual? Go through the ground testing with your meter.
No manual
But could it be faulty even if it has continuity between the 3 phases?

Berlin Germany

Believe it or not - yesterday! afternoon I had such a problem with too little battery power at a freind´s 2002 hayabusa.

Only just 12.9 - 13.1 v came to the battery from rectifier/regulator.
result: no charging - on the contrary, the battery was getting weaker and weaker.
So I disconnectet the 3-point plug under the gas tank and measured the 3 poles of the stator against each other - 65-70V.
so far it looked ok, so what (b..llsh..t) happens there? (i "sell" an "u" and an "i") ;)
i cleaned ANY pin in the main plugs under the tank and the regulator ´s plugs in the rear by contact spray , re-connected all again, and? still low voltage at the battery.
my curses were definitely not youth-free !

i again disconnected the stator´s 3-point plug under the gas tank and connected both plugs (m & fem) by 3 flying testing 2.5² wires to meassure the voltage when motor is running and lights are on.
result : voltage was arround 12.4-12.9 v
damn, thats not ok, too low
then i changed the stator and meassured the same way like before
and ?
13.0-13.5 v now - regulator was connected properly, motor running + lights on - okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
then i meassured the voltage at the battery poles and i found 13.9 upon there. YES! 10 of 10 (bowling)!
with that voltage the battery should be charged again properly - but a "long-term test" is still pending.

perhaps this description may help - i hope so.
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