Charging issues


Hello everyone,

I have had a problem with my busa now for some time, it charges 13.6 or so at idle but when I rev it up the voltage goes "Down". Wierd, I checked the wires in the past but yesterday I found the Stator wires melted at the connector. I took the advice of one of our members in a thread and put new connectors on both ends, checked the output and everything seemed fine but One(1) of the yellow wires was still very hot to touch. I wouldn't want to keep my finger on it to long that is how hot it was, the other 2 were warm but toucheable. I am looking for a new/used stator for a 99 busa but they are hard to find here in Germany.

My question is:

1, Any ideas? I have replaced the R/R and the battery is good. I checked all the connections and also tested the stator. The stator was not grounded to frame and I really got no reading on the ohms, it stayed at 00.000 so I don't get that.

2, Can anyone tell me if the hayabusa stator is used in another suzuki and what model it is? Maybe I could find one that crosses and works. I will check the wiring again tomorrow... but I am really about fed up with this issue.

OK.. Well thanks everyone.


sounds like your stator has grounded on one of the 3 windings

think they can be re-wound but at what cost compared to a new one i dont know

common fault really hence poor charging .as for what fits a breakers would know as they see them all the time or check part no against other bikes ?



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Download the 1999 service manual and read pages 7-9 and 7-10. @ 5000 RPM/min with headlight on hi you should read 13.4 to 15.1 VDC acoss the battery, if the battery was fully charged and in good shape. With the stator disconnected you should read .2-.4 Ohms wire to wire on all three coils. You need a good digital meter that goes at least two points if not three out. Short the meter leads and make sure you read 0.000 before testing. If you have a good analog meter with a mirrored scale and you know what you're doing you should be fine. 0 Ohms indicates a shorted coil. Of course make sure the pins aren't shorted in the connector or that two of the wires from the stator aren't shorted together giving you a false reading.


Ok.. I checked according to the service manual and online docs. All three indicate 0.000 ohms... But it is charging 14.00 at idle and then goes down. BTW, now all 3 wires are brown/burn and cracked. I just ordered a used Stator and R/R from ebay. Came off a 2006 with 13000 miles. I hope it fixes this crap... I want to go to Amsterdam on the 7th of Oct until the 10th. I am not riding now and it is bumming me out... I guess I have to ride the backup, my wifes 125cc Scooter - :-)

It is all good!