Changing the front tire


I was looking into front stands when I looked at my service manual. It shows a pic of a regular old floor jack under the bike for raising the front tire. This is of course with the rear already raised with a stand. Is this safe? Has anyone done it this way, or should I just break down and get a front stand?
I did it on my old CBR 600 with out a rear stand. All I did was leave it in gear to keep it from rolling and used a small piece of 2X4 on top of a small floor jack to spread out the surface area. It was a little tricky getting it up in the air and it wasn't all that stable once it was there. A 600 probably weighs about 200# less so I don't think I would try this with my Busa.
You would need stabilize it from side to side to keep it from tipping over. If you have a rear stand then it should be fine. If not then try to secure the bike to something solid with rope or something.
Floor jack is too unstable. As soon as you start lifting it, the bike will tip and fall. Read the following article. You can lift the front and use the engine/frame mounts for a rock-solid lift (they are designed for that purpose, so use them