changing the front blinker covers?


is there only one screw holding the housing on?
do you need to take the housing off the bike to get the len's off?
(how do the len's come off), and how well of a fit will the clear lens be on it?
I took the windscreen off and the 2 plastic pieces near the guages off along with the plastic cover over the front wheel(push pins). The turn signals have 2 screws each and the bottom one is hard to get to. The fit for mine was off about 1/4 inch on the bottom so I sent it back. I am going to wait for something else.
If your not afraid of taking off your plastic, the easiest way is to remove your fairings, windscreen, and take off the nose piece. Then you can get to the lenses easily. I have had my nosepiece off twice now. The first time is always the hardest, but take it easy and slow.
I have the Clear Alternatives front turn signals and rear brake light cover.  Go to Products/Turnsignals.  I took the side fairings and nose off to get to the turn signals.  The Clear Alternatives turn signals are a complete assembly with amber bulbs.  If you order these and decide you want the rear brake light cover also, they will give you a discount if you order both.  The rear brake light cover comes with LED bulbs.

You can also checkout Mototeck at select catalogue/Signal Lens Clear/Suzuki.  The difference between Clear Alternatives and Mototeck is that Mototeck ships the lens only, this is not the whole turn signal assembly and no bulbs.  The Mototeck lens is smooth and the Clear Alternatives lens has the same texture as the stock lens.

One draw back to the Clear Alternatives lens is that some people have gaps between the turn signals and the nose fairing.  I have a gap, but it is not that noticeable.

Hope this helps...
If you want to go with the mototek like sum. You need a heat gun to break the silicone seal that holds the lenz to the base. Just be sure to keep the gun moving back and forth around the seal area the pull apart. When reassembleing remove all of the old sealant off the lenz and base, reapply new sealant and press fit .
That's been a long standing issue with the Clear Alt. front lens. I put mine on a couple of months ago and they fit just like stock. I don't understand why this happens to some people and some it doesn't. I'm not special or anything, but mine do fit perfectly. After hearing a lot of people saying this, I kind of expected the gap.