Changing front sprocket

anybody got ideas or reccomendations for me??
Just go down one in the front...Unless you are setting it up strictly for the track...If you go down more than one up front you basically will lose 1st gear...You can also change out the rear 2 up for a 16/42 combo great for street and strip...Plus you don't have the whining of being geared to low...Try the 16 front first and if you want a tad more go up two in the rear...And hold the #### on!!!
kool, thanx... thats what I thought.. ordering today.

Hayabusa Front Counter Shaft Sprockets

14-15-16 tooth

Most street riders go down 1 tooth on the front sprocket. The Hot street racer will go down 2 teeth on the front sprocket.
The hot dogs go 3 teeth smaller.

Item No. Description Amount Qty.
514-16 16 tooth front sprocket (1 tooth less) $15.95 View Picture
514-15 15 tooth front sprocket (2 tooth less) $15.95 View Picture
514-14 14 tooth front sprocket (3 tooth less) $15.95 View Picture
I was going to suggest Schnitz Racing but you have already found a supplier...You know the rears cost about $55 but it's a great combo...You will not be dissappointed going down 1 up front...Also all suzuki front sprockets are interchangeable so if you know someone that has a 16 laying around that will work...
I remember seeing a photo sometime back of a 15. I think it had 3 teeth left after 200 miles.
Okay new 16tooth front sprocket is on.

One thing.. when I was spinning the rear tire while cleaning/lubing my chain, I noticed the new front sprocket is alot noisier than the stock one. Is that normal? is it because the teeth are wider than the stock one?

thanks everyone. love the change.

Now, where is the speed sensor located? I need to know if I am really doing 60 now, seems faster, and I know the rpm's are higher, but is 60mph reading still 60mph??
Your speedo is probably off about 14%. I am +2 rear and -1 in the front and mine was off 19% with GPS. My stock speedo was off 7% before I ever changed the gearing. Get a yellow box fast before you put all those extra miles that shouldn't be on your odometer.
It stays on your bike. I just got mine in the mail. I need to install it after I change the front sprocket.
Yesterday was the first dry, sunny day I've been able to ride since I changed the front sprocket.

You remember the FIRST time you opened up a busa on the road? Remember that feeling??
I got that feeling ALL OVER AGAIN yesterday!!!!!!!!

Getting on the freeway there was a slow car in front of me, merging onto the freeway at 50mph, posted limit is 65. Nobody coming, and nobody in front. One mile from the onramp to the exit I need to take. 2nd gear, 50mph, get around the car, and lay into it...... shift......... shift....... SHHHHHIIIIIIAAAATTTT!!!! missed my exit.

Couldn't have been any slower than 160 actual. Still accelerating like mad. God I love this bike.