Changing front and rear sprockets


I was hoping to get a little information from the busa nation on changing the my sprockets. I am going to go down 1 in the front and 2-3 up in the rear. I am wondering who out there has done this? How do you like the set up? is this OK to do with a stock swing arm or does it have to be lengthened? And the preferred chain size for this set up? I was running 2 down in the front and 3 up in the rear with my GSXR 1000 and I loved it. Thank you for your help. Phil


I changed my chain and sprockets to that same set up. Other than messing the speedo up, I like it. It feels good on the bottom end.


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Im running those sprockets with my 240 setup, works well, but im sure the 240 makes a difference too. So, im really not much help:laugh:


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I have an 08, it's stock length and +3 in the rear, and I also had -1 in the front. Either combination works well with the stock chain, with plenty of slack for adjustment.
The -1 made the bike feel like it had lost too much torque(+3 was on it too)for my preference, but it ran great.
I still have the +3 in the rear and I really like it, it feels like it moved more power down 500 to 600 rpms.
I ride alot of wheelies and had no problem doing them with stock sprockets. -1/+3 made them great in 2nd, 3rd, but too twitchy in 1st. Just +3 is perfect for my tatse for 1st and 2nd. But I do think -2/+3 would be cool for that.
I don't drag race to give you time differences, but -1(or -2) definatley feels quicker,+3 or not. And just +3 feels so torquey it does make it a little harder to keep down.


Thanks everyone! I will let you know how I like it when I get them. This week I just purchased a full brocks alien head exhaust system and PC 3, thats my plan for the next few days


Will going up only 1 tooth in the back make a significant difference without messing up the speedo too badly?

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