Changing Brake pads

To change the front brake pads,do i need to remove the master cylinder cap before i squeeze the calipers back?
Also, the bike is stock and i'm thinking of getting the EBC HH Pads.How much shud i expect to pay for them?
Thanks in advance for your help


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Yes, remove the cap.
Can't remember the prices, but I think they run around $30 per set and you need two sets for front and one for the rear.


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Pull the cap and the rubber off. Then use a syringe to remove about half of the brake fluid. Squeeze you pistons back in. (this can be done by hand) and watch the fluid level. Remove as necessary as to not let it over flow. Put rubber/plastic piece back on and mount your brakes. Check fluid level and top off and replace cover.

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if you have had the bike since new, never added fluid, you can leave the top on..

I would replace the pads without pushing the pistons back yet..

And when you install the caliper, push them (the pads) back only far enough to fit over the caliper.. if while pushing the pads back it goes "rock hard" crack a bleeder open and run some fluid out.

keep in mind any fluid you spill on paint is going to be bad news.. make sure you take precautions to not allow any fluid on any plastic or paint..

if you are not sure about fluid being added, I would crack a bleeder and drain about an ounce out and then install the pads (still leaving the cap on)

Now that you have the pads installed, take this as a good time to flush the fluid out of the system..

Run a tube off the bleeder into a cup, open the cap and run about 8 ounces of fluid out of one side and around 4 ounces out of the second side (does not really matter which side goes first)

Just a bit more to brake service than slapping fresh pads on if the bike is more than a year old..

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^that's what I was going to recommend...

This sounds like something simple that I could really **** up (fluid on plastic, etc.)
I have an endless supply of 10cc syringes (used non biohazard)

Stop by your local drug store and pick up a 10cc syringe (pretty cheap) they pretty much eliminate any spills or splashes..

a word of caution, they (new syringes) are lubed with something when new and I have no idea what it is,

draw a couple cc's of brake fluid in, and then draw it full of air, shake it around a bit and flush that fluid with the trash, just not sure that the lube they use is a good idea in the brake system, probably not an issue but...

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