Changes for the bike


While the site was down, I did some work to the bike.  I put on the Texas Fairing Undertail and a rear hugger.  Bike looks great.  I would post picture but I can never get them to go through.  I have Adobe Business so I dont know if that has anything to do with it.  I followed some directions on old posts and cant seem to get the pictures on here.  

The only problem I have with the undertail is that there is no place to mount my license plate without drilling the tail.  Dont want to do that.  I tried mounting it forward of the rear tire but with the hugger you cant see it at all.  Suggestions are appreciated.  Anyone know where they sell a license plate mount for the passenger foot peg bracket?

Ride safe,  If your out riding!  Snowing here in NJ.
I didn't like that about Texas Fairing either...Go ahead and drill the holes in the rear you want be taking it off that often anyway...Will not hurt the appearance at all...