Changed My Oil


Woopdeedoo right? But its a big deal to me since now I'm a little less fearing getting the bike opened up and doing a little more work like changing the filter this time. I'm really not looking forward to taking those fairings off. I've seen the videos and all I can imagine is crack and break. Got to say go now to that thought for sure. Also repainted my chrome paint on the frame. Used some eight hundred grit wet and got it nice and smooth. Turns out it melts when the bike gets hot. Oh well, knew it wasn't forever.

Also looking for some nice R1 wheels cause I hear its the cheap way out for light wheels. My white bike is going to look awesome with white wheels. The bottom of the bike just disappears into darkness now. Powder coat is one hundred per wheel by on one quote I got. I don't know if thats good bad or medium. So that's the story of my oil change.
The price for the PC sounds about right, don't forgot the cost of bear bearings too.

Post up some pics when your done, I love white on white.
Thank 007, I appreciate your reading and taking interest Pictures will surely be posted. Issue now is maybe findin R1 wheels I can afford
I'm guessing you have a Gen 2 by the concern for the fairings. My first oil change took me about 2 hours because I was afraid to break the fairings. I kept running upstairs to check the video on fairing removal and running back downstairs to try it. Once I figured it out it was easy. I can now do an oil change in about 20 minutes. The hardest part for me was getting the bottom and leading edge to seperate. Remember once you get the bottom posts out of the grommets, the top one actually points down and you have to raise the fairing straight up to get it out.
Even an' oil change can "go south on you." Its not that hard to strip an oil pan bolt.:banghead: I've done at least 500 oil changes,easy. Stripped a plug, once. It was most likely "on its last legs" but it can happen.

We all gotta start somewhere bro.

Blanca's video is brilliant.:thumbsup:

Only had one problem, on my fairing there isn't the big clip, up the front somewhere.
Took a bit of figuring out, just had to pull the faring up a bit and it came loose.
I just open up the belly and pull the filter when changing the oil. 10 oil changes and no issues :thumbsup:
Thank 007, I appreciate your reading and taking interest Pictures will surely be posted. Issue now is maybe findin R1 wheels I can afford
There is a junk/insurance yard on the south fork, might be able to find a set there for cheap....heck you might find a whole r1 cheap :laugh:
After the first time I changed my oil, I never took the fairing off to change it again. I just took the bottom fasteners and the side bolt out. I could spread the fairings apart enough to get mu hand/arm in and get the filter out from there. I took channel locks and went through the side hole in the fairing to loosen the filter. It took longer to drain the oil then anything. I did take the fairings off a few times but not to change the oil. I had the Gen 11 2008 busa Good luck