Changed fuel pump and assembly with brand new one, however C41 error code still shows. Bike runs ok. Do I still have a problem.

Big Bob

Hey there I've just changed external fuel pump and assembly with a brand new unit on my 1999 hayabusa but error code C41 still showing do I still have a problem. Any suggestions appreciated. Bob

Big Bob


Thank you for the post. My tank clean fuel pump filters spotless too so with error code C41 decided to replace pump but with new o rings and filters cheaper to buy new old stock from dealer. My bike run ok but error code still present , disconnected battery for several hours but code C41 returns. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Bob

Big Bob

Does it prime when you turn power on? Do you have a power commander?
Hey thanks for replying, no power commander, bike runs well, checked fuel pump relay seems ok but waiting for replacement. All connectors tight and clean with no corrosion. Will let you know how I get on.
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