Changed battery now my bike won't start


Hi all, I havnt ridden my bike in a few months and last time I did my battery was flat. I just changed out the battery and now it won't start.
I have no neutral light on but all other gauges and lights are on, and the fuel pump doesn't prime, I have checked all fuses and battery voltage and connections.
If I put the stand up the fuel pump primes and the start switch turns over the motor, but it won't start and the F1 light comes on.
Any help please, it's perfect weather here in Australia and I can't get out on it
Put it in neutral and pull the clutch in. Kickstand up and Killswitch in the normal position. Turning the key off and back on will reset the FI Light. Make sure that battery is fully charged first. Low voltage might not fire the injectors. Let us know how it goes.

Heck, toggle that killswitch a half dozen times.
What's your new battery reading now ? The reason I ask, it sounds like you put it in two months ago and let it sit. Probably no where near fully charged.
Well, Is it reading at least 12.6 volts now ? If you have the bike in neutral, kickstand up, killswitch normal, clutch pulled in it should fire up.

If the battery reads 12.6 and you hear the fuel pump prime, hit the start switch and the headlight goes out ...... I can't think of anything. Well there is a tipover switch but if the bike hasn't been dropped :dunno:
I've done some fault finding and schematic research, it appears I have a faulty gear position sensor, all other relays and fuses test ok, I'll let you all know how it goes I'll fit it tomorrow
Cheers for the help and suggestions
Thats very strange that just changing a battery would do that. Did you jump start the bike off a car with the old battery? Or short anything out hooking up the new battery? Everything hooked up to the battery that should be, and all connections clean and tight?
Also if it has a powercommander, did you hook up the black wire to ground?
Some have hooked it to the positive!
do u have a power commander? if so, did u hook it back up to the battery when u changed it?
Hi all, just an update on the fault, I have since delved into the depths of the bike only find that the issues caused are from MICE having a taste for the wiring harness, I have identified 4 wires chewed by the little creatures, two of which from the gear position sensor and one and earth and the other from what looks like the oil pressure.
This should be a lesson to all as my brother has kindly remarked RIDE YOUR BIKE more often
Cheers for all the advice