Chains and Crap


Stock Chain is: 530, 112 Links over 10,000 psi yeild. I am a TAME rider. i pull no wheelies, no lockups, no power drops. I have had a clunk/click when letting out clutch as intermittent problem for the last year. Have only 3400 miles. This only happens some of the time, usually when i go down from second to first at a light and the take off slowly when the light goes green. I thought the tranny or the clutch was bad. My chain is fine ( as my inspection has gone). Last week, I let a dealer tech take it out, he got it to click, he then tried again .. no click..he rolled the bike back to where he got the click and got it again.... pointed to a chain problem... bad link, nasty chain has been always adusted perfectly 1" of play. chain has not stretched much from new. I think chain is nasty; i have always done like the guy who cleans the chain with a towel and wd-40, my chain has always been super clean. I understand the stock chain is DID manufactuure O-ring. I am now looking a a TSUBAKI SIGMA...the stock chain is 112 links ( 530 chain, over 10,000 psi yeild). I have a Blue link stock chain. I am also Totally pissed at suzuki, they are weasels, You will get Richard Coleman if you call. tell him keith laux hates his ass....
get a flash light and check your front sproket. You may have worn a tooth are 2. Let;s hope not, but when you get a bad link that clunk you hear is snapping on the sprocket.
I've got the same problem. my2003 busa has 4700 kilometers on it and the mechanic said he would check but he doesn't think Suzuki will waranty it. Same as kricols i'm not a sky pilot but i like to ride fast but I don't think I should get more wear out of my tire than my chain. anyone else had chain problems.
Its a great idea to change both sprockets with a new chain anyway. Otherwise the worn sprockets will quickly wear or strech the chain to match their wear and you will get to replace it again. I made that mistake on one of my old dirtbikes when I was young and poor. That lesson hurt. Since I ended up buying 2 chains and the sprocket set before the problem was fixed.
I have over 10,000 miles on my stock chain and sprockets. No problems at all so far (knock on wood). I hope to get at least another 5k out of it.
Just put on my second EK 530 SVX Gold chain. I got
20,000 miles from the first one. No kidding. It cost
a bit ($168 at shop or $130 Parts 411 online). I use
to get only about 8,000 per chain. I ride everyday to
San Francisco and at the lake every weekend. I don't
baby it either. Give it a try.

I had the same noise from mine, and finally the chain broke. Never found a problem with the chain but always had the noise when taking off from a start, now Suzuki isn't going to warranty my engine cases.
well, it is now 2004 and i still have the same problem, I have been posting with

and gotten nothing new besides chain stretch, and hub cushion diagnosis, that front sprocket idea may have some value. it is the only thing i can't look at (LOL)

But this is a good forum fo any busa owners

I have 3700 miles and have not adjusted the chain more than 1/2 notch on the swing arm from new.

I am really scared about Suzuki taking any responsibility for the busa after it leaves the showroom. i think i will put my sheckels in a chain and sprockets before i go back to the idiots. Tsubaki not EK
Just put on my second EK 530 SVX Gold chain.  I got
20,000 miles from the first one.  No kidding.  It cost
a bit ($168 at shop or $130 Parts 411 online).  I use
to get only about 8,000 per chain.  I ride everyday to
San Francisco and at the lake every weekend.  I don't
baby it either.  Give it a try.

You mean EK zvx?? s eries has less pull strenght, incredible if you got that kins of mildeage out of a s eries. Z series yes.