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here's the story: I'm a little shy of three bills (about 285lbs) and I'm wondering if I'll be replacing chains more often than lighter riders would. I don't plan to ride her too hard, but every now and then I'll be taking a passenger. So basically, do I need to go on a diet to help my chain last longer? Please let me know, folks!
how tall are you?

Not sure how your weight affects chain but it will affect speed.
Like I said, not sure if the weight would have that much of an affect or not on chain life but I don't really think that it would. Just keep a good eye on everything and you should be good.
make sure you always keep your chain tight...don't let it run too loose and it should wear the same as anyone else.
I'm 5'11" 260 and carry my wife regularly and have had no chain issues. 2 adjs. in 8k mi. I ride hard solo but not 2 up, but at under 300 I think you should have no problems. Only thing the bike doesn't like chain wise is lots of wheelies or full power drag-style launches ( too much power!  
). Normal to hard road riding should not have any adverse affect on chain life. Just keep it clean, lubed and adjusted (not too loose or too tight!)

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