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(gabusa @ Sep. 06 2006,21:25) Does anyone have pics and description on how to tighten up the chain.  04 busa.
It's all in your owners manual and self explanatory. Get yourself some replacement 1.5" x 1/32" cotter pins as well (cheap). Tools you need come with the bike.


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(Over_Easy @ Sep. 07 2006,11:16)
(Gunnybusa @ Sep. 07 2006,09:56)
(rfowler @ Sep. 07 2006,09:39) settings for suspension, 220 lb busa rides solf
 I thought the thread was about tightning the chian.
Classic case of thread jacking.
He started a new thread, most likey he just got lost while romaing the grounds.


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Not to jack, but I just replaced a flat tire and was tested on adjusting the chain back. It is self explanatory in the manual, but it did not work the first time. I got some popping and what looked like a little sprocket wobble. I had it up on my new Pit Bull.

So I loosened it all back up and started at the longest mark on the arm. I then put it on the side stand as instructed in the manual. Then I adjusted each side one mark at a time until it was good. Since it was no longer on the stand I could not just start and put it in I got on it and rode it around the block. I did not notice any popping or wobbling?? Maybe doing it on the side stand is the better??


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I use the side stand. Just make sure the wheel is straight and the chain is not too tight when your done.


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I had to loosen and re-tighten mine several times because when I had everything right, the chain was too tight when I tightened the axel nut back to 72.5ftlbs. Like, is there a trick here?


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if it became tight when you tightned the net .the wheel is probaly crocked?
i use a dial claiber to check mesurement on the adjusters.


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Mine tightened up when torquing the rear wheel in place as well.Took me 30 minutes to get it perfect. I drag race mine so spending the time doing it myself removes any doubts about it's mechanical fitness. I used a tape measure going from the swingarm pivot back to the end of the chain tension block to ensure straightness. I have extensions on mine and do not know exactly how acurate they makings are. they seem to be a little off according to my current settings so i think I made the right choice with the tape.
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It took me three or four tries the first time I did it.  Now it's a 5 minute job.  Buy quality tools for working on your bike and leave the emergency tool kit under the seat where it belongs.  I'm not sure how the guys using the bike's tool kit torque the nut to 72.5 foot pounds since there isn't a torque wrench in there.

For the chain adjustment you need:
1/2" drive ratchet
1/2" drive torque wrench
36mm socket
10mm open end wrench
12mm open end wrench

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