chain tensioner


You are incorrect in what is happening there are no clicks as you speak off.
It is not a rachect type tensioner.
Get your facts straight before you say something PLEASE.


Cam chain tensioners have been a problem for Suzuki since the '98's came out. They made a recall on the '99 models of the 600, 750's, and the hayabusas.

This year (2000) there has also been problems with that part. It seems as the tensioner is caught in-between adjustment clicks sometimes. The part then rattles itself into the next adjustment slot.....making the bike a bit noisy. And if it's not in the correct adjustment, who knows what could happen.

I have personally had problems with my '99 600 and the cam chain tensioners. I have also had problems in dealing with Suzuki about the matter. I have the complete information on my website at:

I feel that Suzuki has mistreated me when dealing with the customer service part of it. I am still without a working motorcycle at this time because Suzuki has tried to wait me out. I am heavily frustrated with the way they have treated me and I want others to know about it.


Let me try...
It is not between setting this type of adjuster does not lock like other types.
It has a small amount of play(very small)
That will allow it to not stay tight if the motor kicks back.
It has a spring that is suppose to hold it but it seems to not be working in some cases.
I did not say bikes are suppose to me rattley.
I made a mention that it is not they type of tensioner you described.
As for Suzuki.
That is easy you call Customer relation for a problem most people are mad and start out on the wrong foot or they have never taken their unit in to have it looked at and just call the main office and want it fixed.

I have had 3 calls in the last two days that customer said they heard there was a recalled tensioner for the 99-00 Busas from the internet.That is way I ask for making sure you stated facts.

And as far as a recall or bulliten there are no new ones just the 2 from last year.

Did That help


My facts are straight. I am correct in identifying that rattling noise. Is "caught in-between adjustment settings" better? The tensioner is indeed caught in-between adjustment settings---I am correct.

However, Suzuki has not explained this to their customers at all. They explain that "the noise is normal." They (of course) don't want to lose any customers so they play it low key. There is a design flaw in the tensioners on the 2000 models, or else they would not rattle the way they do.

Are you telling me that all bikes should rattle and make noise...(you must be crazy). Check out the Yamahas, Hondas, Kawis, and other bikes-----that rattle isn't there. I'm glad that you're happy with the rattling noise and Suzuki's explanation. Myself and other riders are not.

You explain to me why Suzuki has poor customer service (dealing with their customers)......PLEASE.


I can understand that some people are approacing you with presumptions that all bikes have the problem. But....if what you say that I was describing was incorrect...What's the correct diagnosis of the problem (rattling)? I have researched my information enough to know that I am accurate in my descriptions.

I have started out on the right foot with them....but ws heavily unimpressed about the timing of when I received the recall notice from Suzuki. You would be as well if you suffered probs with the bike. If Suzuki customer service is so good...why is it that I am still without a working bike.....over a year later? Why is it that Suzuki takes their time in responding (in some cases not responding) to written correspondance/phone calls? Why has it turned into a battle rather than a discussion. The logic is just not there. Had I been just a normal guy on the street.....this fight for what's right wouldn't have gone this far. I mean....I have a whole website now.

I am just interested in what I deserve...nothing more...and they know this. The more dissatisfied I am, the more I will pursue this issue. I would rather be spending this time on my motorcycle than on the internet.

Through all this work that I have done, I have come in contact with many about other issues that affect Suzuki. The problem (rattling) on the 2000 bikes is one of them. I was simply passing on knowledge of what I know to be the cause. If you know a different cause...please describe. I am a credible person with credible information. I write with clear concise facts that have been discovered. That is why I put my name on the bottom of my posts...I have nothing to hide.

Jonathan B. Moos


You did go through a dealer correct?
I beleive you misunderstood my comment.
The point I was making is it is not a rachect type tensioner it is a screw spring set up

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