Chain seems very sloppy


I was running the bike on the rear stand the other day while programming my Digi gear indicator and I noticed while the clutch was engaged and the chain moving there was considerable slop in the chain. I have no idea whether this is normal or not so Im asking the experts what they think/ Thanks in advance. P.S. The bike was anchored in a stationary front wheel lock for those who question the safety of such a move.
From what I was told (thanks MSF) and read, it's best to check the chain tension when there is someone actually on the bike.
Bigfoot - The slack in the chain is normal with the rear suspension unloaded. The chain tension should be checked on its sidestand, or with a rider seated on the bike.

If you lower a bike, the swingarm is moving up towards the undertail. This mod requires the rear axle to slide forward, or may even require a longer chain. When the bike is on the center stand, the swingarm is moving in the opposite direction, which will make the chain loose.

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Here's a picture so you can see what I'm talking about. I didn't have a pic of the left side, so just imagine that the rear disc is the sprocket. Also, if you look at the swingarm pivot shaft location(black/silver dot), relative to the countershaft sprocket(red/blue dot), you can see how the chain will get even tighter when the suspension is fully loaded/compressed. That's why you have to have some slack in there to start with, otherwise you would be stretching/snapping your chain whenever you went over bumps/dips.

Hope this helps.

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