Chain Noise


I finally figured out what that intermittant noise around my feet is, the stupid chain! According to the manual the chain needs to be cleaned and lubed every 600 miles. One week of riding to work is a little over 600 so I clean & lube every weekend. Apparently this isn't enough because the chain starts knocking about mid week. I got lazy this weekend and didn't do it so I just sprayed on some lube and everything's quiet. I would love to get rid of the chain altogether and go with a belt.
Use DuPONT Teflon Chain Saver, Dry Wax Lubricant. Google it. I have zero issues with noise.
If your chain is making a knocking noise you probably have a stiff link somewhere. Sometimes one of the O-rings goes bad and lets in water and dirt that will cause a link to lose its flexibility. Usually you can tell by putting the bike up on a stand and flexing the chain while turning the rear wheel. You may have to loosen the back wheel and move it forward to get enough looseness to tell.

If your chain is going to break it will be at that stiff link. You do NOT want your chain to break so check it out and replace if necessary.
If you get a better chain ZVX or ZZZ you won't have to adjust as much and it will work better . I lube mine about every 1000
I just had the chain replaced about 6K miles ago. I used Royal Purple Max Chain so I'm surprised that it's drying out half way through the week. Guess it's time to try that Dupont stuff and look into the drive belt ;) I'm surprised more people haven't done this.
I believe you have to replace those chain asap, for it can snap any time and can lead to huge accident. For chain maintenance, it should be cleaned regularly and well lubed plus always check the chain tension.
Never used this maybe someone else has some experience with it. Says Moto GP uses a version of it not sure if that is true but if it's on Tim's site I would expect it to. It's a possible solution that you may want to look at.

I wouldn't put a sprocket with aluminum teeth back there I couldn't bring myself to trust a belt back there. On the upside I doubt a broken belt would damage the casing, we all know what a broken chain with a little bad luck can do to a casing :laugh:
The only time I hear my chain is when I am ridding next to a wall so the sound can bounce back to me. I have never heard it around town. Then again I lube mine every two fill ups around 400 miles between lubes.
What chain was put on it?

Just found the service papers and it says "WPS chain", I dunno what brand that is, on the chain it has TYC 530 HSX. When I took it in for a tune up I wasn't expecting to replace the chain but my mechanic said it was in need of one. :dunno:

I've heard of that Scottoiler thing but I dunno not it didn't really grab me. I have wondered what people do when they are travelling on they're bikes. Do they bring a cleaning/oiling kit or just wing it?