Chain installed


What tire?
It is so small I can't see it clearly.

Seriously I don't think it will hit unless you and the passenger are very heavy.
Nice ride!


Very nice. What size is that a 330? I felt good just streching mine till I saw the size of your rear,LOL


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the tire was a little off...i straightened it this morning..was hoping to put the girl on the back to test if it'll hit over the weekend..but weather didn't permit


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stock shock is still there...maybe i should cut the chain & pull it in where i know it wouldn't hit..but i think it looks so nice where it is..hhmmm..or maybe i should just ride alone:laugh:


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stock shock is still there...maybe i should cut the chain & pull it in where i know it wouldn't hit..but i think it looks so nice where it is..hhmmm..or maybe i should just ride alone:laugh:
I stretched my 07 6 1/2 and thought everything was fine until I really jumped on her and bore a hole in my undertail with the tire.

Replaced shock with a 1000 lb from Golden Child and havent had a problem since.

However I do know of a Gen 2 rider that did the same thing and preloaded his shock and the last I heard everything was ok. ( IGORSGONEMAD )

Jay Willie

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+1000 on what DEMMYM said! I'm six over on my gen I and ended up with a 1000lb. spring on mine. Even lowered it never hit the battery tray/fairing. Looks good and good luck! :beerchug:
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