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G'day mates!  

The busa is the first bike i've ridden since selling my RG500 4 years ago.  The urge suddenly came back and I figured why settle for less and went straight for the top.  I've now owned it for 3 months and am wondering what you guys think the best method is for cleaning the chain.  I'm tossing up between a spray degreaser or doing it by rag with something like shellite.  By the way im an Aussie and this bike is absolutly awesome, but you guys don't need me to tell you that.  I had it dyno'ed and am happy with the results and have never seen a speedo go up to 280 sooo fast and that was in 4th. 280kph that is or 175 mph.

Regards from Down Under


The Watcher
Nice stock numbers. Have fun. The best cleaner I found is WD-40, spray on and wipe off, or spray rag and wipe clean. Stay away from spay lubes, I have not found a good wax or lube yet, I think the best is keep it clean with out anything else.


Kerosene is the best o-ring chain cleaner I have found will not hurt o-rings. Let dry then lube with what ever lube you like. Their all about the same some fling off more than others. Knebnr


Hayabusa Immortal
Kerosene/WD-40. Place the bike on a stand and in neutral. Roll the wheel with a toothbrush and cleaner on both sides of the chain. Follow with a soaked rag. Coat the chain with gear oil or transmission fluid. A bit messy, but it beats getting a new chain every 5-10K miles.

I do mine very often, usually every 200-400 miles or once a week.

curtis T

I recall reading a artical in one of the cycle mags. that WD/40 has penatrating chemicals/ additives in it that could damage the rubber and shortin the o-ring life, and that a petroleum based products with few additives such as kerosene or diesle fuel was a better choice........ Just my 2 cents.


WD-40 seems ok if you want to do a quick chain service but when the chain gets a few miles on it the only way to clean it properly is with kerosene and a small brush.Take it for a short ride, rewipe and then apply chain lube. That was recomended by Suzuki years ago and I find it still works best.


Short course on cleaning the chain.

Put ya bike on a rear paddock stand, get an absorbant cloth, soak it in white spirit and wipe the chain, rotate the wheel as you go along, selecting a clean piece of cloth an re-soaking it as necessary. Keep going untill it is clean. Wipe it with a dry cloth and leave to dry for about ten minites, then apply a good coat of chain wax and let that dry before riding.


Do not use WD 40 or petrol, using a brush is making the job harder than it needs to be(flirts poop everywhere).


I recall reading a artical in one of the cycle mags. that WD/40 has penatrating chemicals/ additives in it that could damage the rubber and shortin the o-ring life, and that a petroleum based products with few additives such as kerosene or diesle fuel was a better choice........ Just my 2 cents.

Sorry but I think you have it the wrong way around !!

Avoid any oil based lubes ,as these will rott the rubber (orings)

Use WD 40 every 300 miles (winter) 500 (summer)

I then use Castrol chain wax !! It tends to stick better thab Lube and ain't as messy .

My chain is 7500 miles old, adjusted once, and still as good as new .

just my 2 pennys worth


Heaps of power also from Australia and m considerig
buing a busa is yours 2002 model? and how much was it?also is there any diffrence in dyno figures between -99-02 models


I usually use paraffin (Kerosine) for cleaning my chain but I've had good results using a mixture of Petrol and diesel lately. (My son who's an Apprentice car mechanic brought it home from work. Came out of a car who's owner put in petrol instead of diesel fuel). :hammerhead:
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