Ceramic coated BDE Hindle Street Megaphone System?


I ordered Brock's street megaphone system, the one that fits like the stock cans, for my '04 blue/silver busa. Not being wild about the polished stainless steel look, I've contacted both Classic Coatings and Jet-Hot regarding ceramic coating the megaphone, short pipe and bracket.

Does anyone have experience with doing this, or with dealing with the two companies? Also, the coating can be done in black satin matte, aluminum, cast iron gray, or dark blue(shade unknown). Which of these colors would look good with my busa, pic hopefully attached.

Why the megaphone system?
Just curious. They do look pretty nice, but I've never seen them mounted that high up. I've always seen the ones that drag low below you feet. Can you provide a pic of that system please?
I was drawn to Brock's street megaphone system because I've always thought that the design of traditional sportbike exhausts was ugly: a long length of utilitarian pipe followed by an unshapely can. Brock's street megaphone looks like it's at least a foot shorter, with only six inches of pipe exposed before reaching its flared muffler. It's lighter than a can, makes a deeper rumble, AND it's baffle can be removed with one screw for free flow exhaust and obnoxious decibels on track days. I hope the picture is attached.

If there's one thing about the appearance that I'm not crazy about it's the polished look. It may be too "Harleyish", so I'm investigating having the external parts ceramic coated a satin black. If I do it I'll send more pics. I've got plenty of time...............it's dead of winter in Western PA..........no riding, the Busa sits in the garage shivering, and we're in the midst of Steelermania, who will beat the Patriots tomorrow so I can use my two Super Bowl tickets!!

just go to jet hots website and tell them what you want. They have pretty good customer service.
I decided to have the system installed as delivered, to see how it looks on the bike. It looks pretty good. If I get bored during next year's 7 month winter I'll send it out for coating. And yes, Jet Hot's customer service was excellent.

Because of the INCESSANT and INTERMINABLE winter in Western PA I've had one chance to test ride the Busa with the new system. Because the temperature was in the mid 30's I did not try to open her up for fear of freezing my face off. I bought a Widder electric vest w/gay armchaps and man do they keep the torso comforable. But my face got wind/freeze burn.

Anyway, the jury is still out on the performance of the BDE Hindle system. I'm going to have the thing dyno tested both with and without the exhaust's "removable if you're from the planet Krypton" baffle and air cleaner. I'll report back with the results.