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I just bought a center stand for my '05 and I plan on installing it this weekend. Anyone have any words of wisdom before I dig in?


When I get my 'busa I will install one also. I am spoiled w/ the one on my BMW. Good for maintenance and cleaning.


I got one right after purchasing my '02. I use it all the time for various maintenance (on trips and at home). It was a bit of a pita to install. You can cheat on a few steps in the directions, but, if I was to do it again...I'd pay the dealer to do it.:p


There are already some posts on this board regarding fitting a center stand. I have one and wouldn't be without it. There are some shortcuts I used when I fitted mine that cut the install to about 30 minutes, but I get flamed whenever I discuss them, so I ain't saying nothin' else...


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I have an 06 and I put one on mine myself. Its not bad to put on at all. You might have trouble getting the main pivot bolt on without taking off the exhaust but it is worth it. I didn't take off the exhaust pipes going to the motor only the mufflers to make it easier. If you are mechanically inclined do it yourself. Compared to some of the other mods here on the org this one is not bad at all. I love the center stand. Yes it adds a little bit of weight and you can not install your belly pan again but I love it. Couldn't imagine a bike without one. Any questions just write


Center Stand On!

It took a little bit of time. I had to remove both side fairings, the under fairing, underfairing bracket, exhaust pipe bolt in the center of the belly, loosen the radiator, removing the fan unit, and loosen the enhaust pipes at the engine to do it. I found that you had to loosen the exhaust pipes at the engine in order to have enough clearance to insert the stop rod for the center stand.

Keep track of your bolts and take your time. Everything has to sit together nicely in the end. It wasn't too bad. It all went back together like clockwork.

The bike heavy, though. So using the center stand takes a little trust and strength to lock it into the upright position. Once there, I was able to clean my entire chain and get all the road grime out of my back wheel. Re-lubricated everything and it was a smooth ride this afternoon.

Cost: $125.90
Purchased at: Ebay

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