cool video, a little long. But didnt I see the spedo say 209mph or was I seeing things? Can a 600 go that fast stock?
1.) take a 600 and pitch the thing out of an airplane at about 3000 feet. Or 2.) put a busa motor in it... I down loaded the file but my computer will not play the thing...
Looked like KPH on the speedo, kept expecting a Busa to come zipping around him with a finger extended
40 minuets to download just to find out that my player is outdated and now it won't play. I hate dial up I want my DSL.
Downloaded the video, thats not your mama's F4i.

Oh! - download time 1 min. 30 sec. but then I had to upgrade my Real Player to the RealOne Player, 3 min.  I like DSL...
Just so's you guys know I will be taken a step back to dial up and losin the cable for a while. arrrrrrrrgggg! Then you can describe the vids to me...
I have DSL at my house but until I can get rid of my crutches and do more for myself I am stuck with dial up at my parents house.
"jwcfbd" - I have not heard about your leg, what happened?

The quick version I broke it two years ago got two rods and six screws. two weeks ago hardware was removed but part of the bone broke so no weight on my leg for four to six weeks.