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At work, there's this IT guy who works with pride.  You know, pride in his pager and cell phone, a bit-obnoxious, perfect for a Sat-Night-Live skit, eccentric, Barney-Fife wannabe... He's the one the rest of the IT team just observes in silent amazement...

So this guy at work has his cube setup in shrine like fashion with 8x10 pic's of him on his SV650 at the track, pics of his blackbird, more pics of him on his SV650 at the track, and just general "I love bikes' kinda monument.  S'ok for me...

I'm down there visiting the guy in the cube next to him and my buddy asks if I brought the Busa in to work.  "Sure did." I replied.  Suddenly the eccentric IT guy pops his head up out of his temple and says - "You own that red Busa?"  somewhat disdainfully, but not horribly.  (to be fair)

"Sure do!"  I reply.  He starts to lightly rail me for not riding it to work more often and every remark he makes is kindly scoffing at the busa.  I'm nodding and smiling with the courtesy 'Uh Huh...' and I say that I pretty much ride 3 days per week.

"Awe, BS.  I hardly ever see it out there..."  He say's BS to me! (I'm giggling because I'm starting to hear what I think I was gonna hear.)  His attitude darkens and he says sometime like  - He rides a Blackbird... and nods like 'Oh yeah'... uh huh (Barney-Fife style)  a BLACK-BIRD..1100..X..X...  you know...  Oh - I think - A Busa Killer.  

I look at my friend and he looks at me and we're both smiling and I say - you know what, I'll bring it in tomorrow - let's go for a ride, eh? Suddenly - No response from the IT Guy.  We can tell he's still off in fantasy land about his CBR 1100.  So we turn and finish our conversation  

My buddy and I finish discussing our topic and I leave back to my floor.

The next day, the IT guy parks his bike snug close to my Busa - like - Here I am... Hope yer ready.... (I can still see the nodding 'Uh huh' in my head....)  My other riding buddy and I are like, great, another ride for lunches.  Coo.

We look over his bike.  Nice Micron pipe, well polished paint, actually a very sweet job on his BB.  Excellent - I'm thinking... Can't wait til lunchtime.

So I send Mr. Fife an email and compliment his bike and invite him to lunch with me and the 2 other bikers for a little ride.  I get no response from him.  Bummer!  

So the lunchtime riders head down to the shrine cubicle just before lunch to see if Mr. Fife wants to head out with us.  My buddy pops and says - he left early today.  Hmm, I think.  Really?  The other guys look at me and we are thinking the same thing... like - what's up with this guy?

My cube friend says - "Yeah - he was mumbling something out the door but I couldn't make it out."   We're all just kind of dumbfounded.  I try to find him the rest of the day, and he's always one step ahead of me.  No reply to my email invites.  Oh well.

A few days later, I'm in my cage leaving the parking lot.  (I should have rode the bike in.)  The Mr. Fife pulls up behind me on his 1100XX and sticks to me like glue.  I get on the freeway, so does he. He just rides right next to me for like 5 miles.  I take my exit and he opens the throttle so I can hear his bike and speeds away.  Like 'YAH!"

So - did he beat the busa vicariously or something?

OK - so tell me... what am I supposed to think about all this?



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He has sugar in his tank. He's yeller! Keep it moving and snipe him when the time presents itself.

He is funny though! I laughed a few times from the mental images.


oRg Gal
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He needed to prove something I guess
Pretty funny to see what happens the next time you bring the Busa to work - invite him out again...

A buddy of mine has a Blackbird...we rib eachother for our choice of ride...he says mine's a "hayauglybusa" and I call his a barcalounger...


I say he's not worth it. Even if you did hand him his ass, he would come up with some excuse and would still be convinced in his mind he's the man. So what have you proven? I say get a hold of his girlfriend and take her for a ride. Now you have him beaten.......


I'm an IT tech and we read, Read, READ! He knows his CBR1100XX was defeated since the first year the Hayabusa rolled on U.S. pavement. To ride with you would only shatter his hopes that his Blackbird could even stay close. Blackbirds aren't bad machines, but they are heavier, sluggish, under-powered lumps compared to ANY model year Hayabusa.


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There are those who CAN and those who CAN'T  
 ! Then there are those who wish they COULD  
. I think you found one  


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Stay on him!!!! Keep asking him to join you for a ride... Make a point to let everyone know that he will not respond to the riding at lunch offers. Peer pressure is a mug.... He will eventually accept and then you can bust his @$$.... and shut a punk like that up!!!!! I hate those type

Don Hardcastle

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I say take the Busa, have your buddy call you if old boy heads out for lunch or whatever, then bounce out to catch on the bike, hop on the beast and hand "Mr. Bada$$" his lunch.



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"I.T." sucks and we get called away A LOT and have to miss lunches all the time. Email just depends on the backlog. I go through 150 - 400 A DAY!! I don't have time even to reply to some things so I delete them immediately. He might have simply deleted it as a "No" answer that day. Harsh, but true as we are so plagued with a million things due yesterday via non-stop onslaught of requests.... IF he is really in IT that's what it is like. Try not to intimidate him , just see if he wants to go riding sometime. I'm not siding with him at all, just letting you know how it is


It's your fault. You hurt his feelings. Leave the small fries alone. I experienced the same thing as you...

In my encounter with a BlackBird owner, he actually pretended to not recognize my stock Busa...very sad indeed.


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(black954 @ Sep. 21 2006,09:17) I say he's not worth it. Even if you did hand him his ass, he would come up with some excuse and would still be convinced in his mind he's the man. So what have you proven? I say get a hold of his girlfriend and take her for a ride. Now you have him beaten.......
....take his girlfriend!? OMG that's funny!



I am lovin these responses... way funny... keep 'em coming... (And this really did happen just about a week ago.)



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"Works With Pride"...

Oh that's funny. I haven't really heard it that way but that is something lots of folks do too much of...

Pride in the Razr, Pride in the "Tommy", or Pride in the escalade...

Completely forgetting that "Pride" is something internal and that it cannot be purchased, or worn.

It's sort of the same thing with the a$$hats buying the Nice Cars or trucks, wearing lots of jewelery, or whatever expecting to be "respected". Like you can simply purchase respect. Funny stuff.

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