Caution note about your tires


This is just a information nugget for everyone.

About 2 years ago, in North Miami Beach, FL a friend mine racing his parent's Jaguar had a really bad wreck. The wreck was caused by water being in the tires. The tire blew at about 140mph, and caused the car to flip a few times and crash. The water in the tires ripped through the tread, causing a blowout and ultimately control of the car. He was fine, 4 days in the hospital and he's in good shape. But this brings up a very good point that I think you should consider.

See, all air compressors use atmosphere air which has a high concentration of water. The employees are supposed to drain the water out of the tank periodically, but they usually dont. This is why when you go to a gas station and blast the air at your hand, you're hand is dripping with water after a 2 second squirt.

Now I know that motorcycle tires are made out of kevlar and this other technology crap, but water in your tires can cause balance problems, treadwear problems, instability at high speeds, and possibly a blowout!

When I started riding, I went to walmart and invested about $100 into a small 2 gallon air compressor ($80), a digital tire guage (accurate to .5 psi! only $9) and a small, Watts 1/4" filter/dryer unit to get the debris and water out of the line before getting into the tire. The air coming out of the line is instrument quality air, with no moisture or debris, it's awesome.

Considering we ride the fastest motorcycles on the planet, I just wanted to bring this nugget of information to you, and make you aware of a potentially dangerous, and easily avoided problem. Tires and tire pressure is very important, you should take your tires seriously. Hope this helps my fellow busa brothers!


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Thanx for the heads-up. I really like when people cite a problem and have recommendations on how to fix it. Once again...THANX!

Here is what I would recommend someone purchase if they are serious about tire performance-

1) The air compressor you can buy from walmart is called the
"Campbell Hausfeld 2-Gallon Air Compressor", about $85

2) The digital tire pressure gauge is from Victor, it's about $9

3) Watts and Wilkerson sell an inline 1/4" filter/dryer unit for about $10 to $20. This gets the water and debris out of the line. Plus, empty your tank drain after every use.

4) Campbell Hausfeld sells a 25 piece accessory kit complete with quick disconnects, a blow gun, tire inflater, innertube inflater, everything you need (about $20)

You can get everything in one swoop from Wal-Mart. In my opinion, it was worth every single penny