catalyst drag seat?

For those of you running the drag seat, does it scratch up your factory tail at all? I want to be able to go back and forth from the drag seat to the stock seat, but dont want mess up the tail section. I had one for my zx-14 and it needed a lot of work so it wouldnt scrath up the tail. And do you need the bracket they sell to mount it?
I think yes. Ive been looking at them too. They atttach at the front and the rear of the seat seams to to just sit on the tail fairing plastics....scratching it.
Just my observations thu. I too would like to know for sure.???


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My experience is with a Gen I bike. I haven't seen a bracket offered so I'm not sure how it mounts. I used a stock mounting bracket on the front. I then fabricated a bracket/brace for the rear that is attached to the seat and sits on the frame rails. Yes, it will scratch the tail with out a bracket or with the stock front bracket only. Even with my rear bracket on it scratched it a bit because of the flex. However it did scratch it where the stock seat still covers it.







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I tried some semi thick cloased cell foam around the inside edge and that just ripped off after two or three times sitting on it. I thought of slicing a length of rubber hose to attach around the perimeter of the back end of the seat but I don't mind scratches that much.

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