Cat Eye Turn Signals


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I installed these small signals, called cat-eyes. ABS chrome w/ clear lenses. Actually very bright. Purchased from e-bay for 14.95(buy it now), plus 5.95 S&H, and req. insurance of .95. Total of $21.85. The rear tail plastic had to come off, and since the new lights had round connectors, a little bit of splicing & dicing was in order to utilize the OEM plugs. I used the washer(s) from the original light and all was good. I have a tag relocator in route & will be butchering...uh modifying a spare rear fender. I like the look of these and will try and cut the fender in a way to keep these on. Feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!!!  

Make shur the file is small enough. Shrink the picture size if needed.

.bmp take up tons of space aswell and transferring to .jpg always helps aton
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Hmm, any suggestions. I have posted pics here before.
my biggest concern is cagers not being able to see my flashers when I use them.  My college buddy, Ritchie has the embedded ones in the tail section of his 1992 Gixxer 750, and you can't see them for crap, not even at night.  I rode with him many a times.  

But I suppose if you double up, it can be seen.  Just makes the cans looks disaportionately large, like battle ship cannons.  At least to my eyes, but if it works for you don't what does other people's opinion matter?

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