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Another adventure from the Pacific Northwest. 14 hours, 631 miles, 2 food stops and more smiles that can humanly fit in a person. This is what 5 friends did on a Saturday to celebrate a birthday and the shear love of riding. This is the Cascade Loop (or at least our version as it all depends on where you start from).

We started and finished in the Tri Cities. The map below shows you our general route. As you will see in the pictures we started out in the desert environment and worked our way up to alpine levels and then into rain forest conditions. Passing by lakes, medows, streams and glacier carved valleys. The place we ate lunch in is Winthrop WA. a little community that resembles an old Western town mixed with flavors of Colorado thrown in. The town is very biker friendly as long as you are respectful of speed limits and pedestrians.


For those of you who have not run this route... DO IT! You will be blessed with miles of wonderful roads, long sweepers, tight twisties, views that will leave you breathless and stretches of road that are just asking to be tested. Come prepared however, we went from warm temperatures on the desert floor to rain with just a tad of snowflakes at the very top of the pass.

I could spend pages describing what we saw, but it would not do justice to the majesty and grandeur that these mountains and this part of the US hold.












181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C
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Looks like a great time, Thanks for the pics.:thumbsup:

Dr E

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For those on PNWriders...this ride and the folks that did it are listed under the central group.
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