carpenter's ported head...

Travis England

what lol? Not allowed to post on an old thread? I thought it had some good info until someone said the yosh was better than brocks .... Old (light weight tire) vs a shinko along with extra Chrome on the rim that's a lot of weight and then a new stiff longer heavier chain V's a worn chain .... Didn't want brocks to get a bad rep


^^^That too :D

Your worried about Brocks getting a bad rep from a post 8 years ago?? I'm sure he'll be alright


My modded stock header, mid pipe and canister made more than any pipe out there including the best sidewinder available.


Everyone gives people poop for not using the search function then you're all but hurt because someone post on an old subject go find something else to do
Sounds to me like your the one who is having rectum issues......:oops:

This isn't 1 of them forums where everything that is said or implied is taken serious.
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