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Dis in my way!
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In OKC every year they have an auto show from all the manufacturers for new vehicles and this year they did something new. I got a call a couple of weeks ago from the auto show asking if I would bring the 56 up and leave it at the fairgrounds for a couple of days. They had over 65 cars from the 50's there all secured behind ropes and lined up for the publc to see. Was a pretty neat event to go to and just watch people react to the car. Over the years we have watched people go right by a $90,000 fully restored car to get their pic taken with our police car... There had to be 10,000 pics taken of that car today alone...

It looked great under the lights inside a building.

Well why wouldnt they, that is an awesome car! But I have to admit running around with radar on is fun too. LOL
Do you loan it out to this little town in Utah? It must be their way of saying slow down as its parked at the eastern edge of town.
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Well here is the story on that ole car...

That car really was a patrol unit back in the 50's and was stored in a barn and was owned by a municipal dept and everyone forgot about it. A friend of mine went to a city wide event (4th of July I think and they had that car up on a trailer with a sign that said closed bid. No tires, rust, interior ratted out, just imagine this car in an old barn for 40 years. My buddy was a great paint and body man and he put in a bid for 500.00 and walked away. Two weeks later he got a call to come get his car :)

I went with him and we picked it up... Back when I was on the PD this guy used to come and ride out with me all the time and when I got off my shift I would go up and we would work on the car. As the years passed we kept working on it making it better. He was older than me and really taught me a lot about a lot of things... He taught me how to do paint and body and interior work as we worked on this car and a hundred others. he was was older than me and he always said that car was his wifes because she loved to go places in it. One day out of the blue she came to me and asked if I was ready to buy that car and within a day it was done. They basically sold it to me for what they had in it since I had done so much work on it.

We painted the car, dash and outside, new interior.

It has a crate Vortex V8
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Cruise Control
Air Conditioning
All the lights work
Siren Works (Old electric motor driven)

There isn't anything original on it I don't think because we just drive the heck out of it. We get asked to go in parades, we've taken kids during Christmas for Cops for Tots, you name it we've done it..

Just a pile of fun!

A few years we were contacted by a hollywood production studio and they took the car for about 6 weeks and used it in a movie that needed cars from the 50's. They trailered that car all over the country for the movie.







56-movie 124.jpg

56-movie 155.jpg
Great story! A friend of mine bought an old falcon and we wrench on it on weekends. I love working on those old cars. They were so simple to wrench on, unlike newer vehicles.
is that other one in the picture an early Thunderbird?
I always wanted and early 60's one of those Nice job on the 56 . You see so few of them compared to 55's and 57's . nice to see the old red cherry on top .
ah memories