Captain stole my title


Dear Mysterious Dark Overlord Type,

I am writing this thread to you in hopes you might fulfill a small request that I have that will follow after a brief thought.

On or about the 7th of December I stated in a post that you were a "Mysterious Dark Overlord Type". Since that time you have used my idea to "shed a new light" on yourself, if you will. I was wondering about copyright laws concerning coined phrases and what not. I do believe I can find a loophole that will allow me to be compensated for my cognitive efforts.

To avoid all of this I have a small request:
Since you stole my title can I change mine before I hit 700?

P.S. You know I'm kidding right? I still want to change my title though.

I'm going to start a "Special Request" thread cause I want something to...And maybe some other's can join in and we can have some success...

You cool with that?