Caps in Chat...

What happened to the chatroom ?

XenForo offers "chatroom" as addon, was cost adsorbent compared to last hosting site ?

Did members not "use" feature often ?
can't find no chat room
It would be great to "pick" the brains of experienced riders in real time. It would save time researching online.

There are so many riders with valuable information on this forum !!

Then again, I have searched through the older threads for answers and the information was there. "Immortalized" for all to find.


Dis in my way!
Staff member
I can't find no chat room Cap'n....I thought the Org. is already a chat room !!
The org is actually a forum, where we have topics and conversations that are stored and can be pulled back up years later for reflection and review. A chatroom is real time, as I type you read instant messaging with a whole lot of folks have a real time conversation. We used to have chat rooms that were used from everything on fixing bikes to just talking about the weather. As we have move from different forum software packages we have in some ways lost some functionality because of the cost to replicate the features. The cost to put chat back on the site doesn't really provide for the biggest bang for the buck to give the best for the most.


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